Played on Valentine’s Day? WHAT?!

Commercial holidays are exhausting…so essentially that means ALL holidays are exhausting.

Valentine’s day comes with even MORE pressure than most, especially for women, because if you don’t have a cheesy, sweet, sizzling romantic evening with the man of your dreams, it pretty much means you’re a hag, loved by no one.  So what do you do if a guy you recently met is considerate enough to send you a flower at work?  What if you find out he’s even nicer than you realized and sent flowers to some other friends, as well? You complain about it in a public forum, of course!

I offer you, exhibit A:


Totally coincidentally, something similar happened at work today, and it went down somewhat differently.

For your enjoyment, exhibit B:


Moral of the story: A mere “thank you” would have sufficed.

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