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My Quest for the Perfect Decaf Americano in Seattle » Good Morning, Seattle!

My Quest for the Perfect Decaf Americano in Seattle

Like any self-respecting Seattleite, I love coffee.  So great is my love for coffee that I used to drink a liter or more per day.

Yep, you read that right: a liter.

However, back in October when CJ and I did our cleanse, I had to wean myself off caffeine. That first caffeine-free week was the worst week of my life; I felt horrible and was probably the meanest person on the planet. Not wanting to go back to that level of dependency, I have been caffeine-lite ever since, drinking mostly teas.

I must admit, however, that while I feel fantastic, I really do miss coffee. Not the caffeine – but everything else. The taste. The smell. The ritual. Specifically, I miss Americanos. For months, I didn’t bother trying decaf anything. After all, everyone knows it just isn’t the same. No smoothness, extra bitter. Blech.

But then I realized, Hey! I live in the coffee capital of the world! If it exists, I should be able to find a delicious decaf Americano in Seattle.

The Contenders

Let’s be clear on the criteria here. A good Americano is smooth and flavorful without requiring any sugar or cream. The best Americano tastes like a cool, crisp, quiet morning with time standing still – just a little – so every sip can be savored.

I want that experience again.

I have gone to many local coffee shops in search of my decaf Amerciano. The coffee shops below are the ones I’d return to.

Caffe Vita

I began my quest with an old familiar friend. Caffe Vita has always had lovely Americanos.

Decaf Americano in Seattle
This is the Capitol Hill location.


Decaf Americano in Seattle
I love their logo on the cup!

While their decaf Americano was not quite as delicious as their caffeinated one, it definitely helped satiate my need for the ritual.

I would say that it definitely won on aroma, but it fell a little short on taste. I could tell it was supposed to be a full bodied coffee, but the bitterness masked the flavor of the beans.

So close…but not quite.

Cherry Street Coffee

Truthfully, I don’t really have a history with Cherry Street Coffee. I think I’ve only ever grabbed a cup from them when I’d shop at Diva Dollz down in Pioneer Square.

Decaf Americano in Seattle
Belltown location

I’ve tried their  decaf Americano four times and two of those were amazing while the other two were just ok. I’ll probably return simply because of vicinity. It’s so convenient and I’d definitely gamble on getting a good one again.


Porchlight is located right around the corner from our shop, so I’m there at least once a week. They consistently deliver a perfectly delightful decaf Americano. Combine the coffee with the chill, zero stress environment and staff – I look forward to each visit.

Image result for porchlight coffee
Image lifted from Google. I can’t claim this one!

Best Decaf Americano in Seattle

Seattle Coffee Works – the Ballard Edition

Seattle Coffee Works has always held a special place in my heart with their perfect beans and delightful slow bar. It’s such a treat. The only bummer about it is that it’s located down near Pike Place Market where all the tourists mill about. I don’t know about y’all, but I like to enjoy my coffee in relative quiet and relaxation – not in the middle of someone else’s frantic vacation! Luckily, there’s another Coffee Works over in Ballard.  This is where I finally found my perfect decaf Americano in Seattle.

What does a vegan pair with her Americano? A Mighty O donut, of course! The donuts are made right down the street so they’re screamin’ fresh. This one was the french toast donut. Delish!

And get this…I received fantastic news while I was there!  Apparently they will do some of the slow bar methods with decaf!!!

Slow bar!

I just assumed this level of coffee snobbery was no longer available to me, but happily, I was very wrong. I can’t wait to go back and indulge in a little Chemex action.

Has anyone else out there found a fantastic decaf Americano in Seattle? I’m eager to hear!

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