Meg Has Plague

I really hate being sick. Stating the obvious, right? Who actually likes being sick? As sitting here I’m coughing and sneezing, I can’t even thing of a good topic to write about. All I can think about are the things I’d have done today had I been able to get out of my house:

  • Gone for my morning walk and enjoyed the fall colors with a delightful cup of coffee.
  • Actually for realsies provided competition in my Fitbit group
  • Walked to work and interacted with humans face-to-face.
  • Written an interesting blog post.
  • Had a manhattan at the Tin Table…
  • But most of all, I’d be dancing right now. Instead of coughing all over my keyboard, I’d be dancing.

Yep I’d be dancing. Super bitter about missing my favorite part of the week.

If I’m well enough to leave the house tomorrow, I’ll be grateful that I can do all the normal day-to-day things. Also, blog post will be better.


I feel like I have ten of these little guys having a party in my sinuses…


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