Do It Like A Lady: Women Business Owners of Seattle

Seattle, Makin’ it Happen

A thing I really love about Seattle is its entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve met so many interesting, driven people who work incredibly hard to make their visions a reality.  What does this mean for Seattle?  The city is rich with charming boutiques, inspired restaurants, unique bars, and innovative tech startups.  Heck, even I have become a bit of an entrepreneur, myself.  Partially inspired by the city, and partially inspired by the entrepreneurial family I married into, I went out on a ledge and started Meg’s Retro Cookies, which lead to my husband and I purchasing Old School Frozen Custard. (And now I’m even pondering whether I should turn this blog into a business!  Clearly there’s something in the water.)

To make it even better (in my book), many of the businesses across town are owned by women!  Some of my most frequented haunts are women-owned, something I was thrilled to learn during my Shopping Small experiment.

Check out the list I’ve got so far and feel free to add to it: Women-Owned Business in Seattle, by Neighborhood

Pretty cool, right? Well, I want to learn from these women. I want to know their stories and what drives them to do what they do.

Introducing a New Series

Good Morning Seattle is going start featuring women business owners! I will hit the streets of Seattle to meet them! I will interview them! And then I will share their stories here, with you, because I know you’ll find it fascinating.

So please stay tuned. I already have two interviews scheduled this this week!

What You Can Do to Help

Add to my list! Women-Owned Business in Seattle, by Neighborhood

And while you’re there, tell me why you think the businesses are awesome.

I’m really looking forward to this project – I hope you are, too!

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  1. A couple to add:
    -Champion Party Supply, currently owned by Victoria Champion
    -Wild Things Snacks, founded by a mother and daughter
    -Gelatiamo, downtown gelato store
    -Derby Salon, owned by Alison Etter
    -Pin Up Salon
    -The Walrus and the Carpenter, restaurant
    -Capitol Cider, gluten free restaurant and cider bar
    -Nuflours, gluten free cafe
    -Tin Table (if you count it separately from Century)
    -Pike Brewing Company
    -Shug’s Soda Fountain, in Pike Place
    -North Star Diner, Greenwood
    -How to Cook a Wolf, restaurant (owned by Angela Stowell, who may be related in some way to chef Ethan Stowell)
    -Fran’s Chocolates
    -Trophy Cupcakes
    -Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon, Chinese restaurant (I don’t like Chinese food, but I like this place)
    -indi chocolate, Pike Place Market

    1. Meg Chaney says:

      This is a great list! Thank you!

  2. Carol Jelinek says: Reply

    Sell your Sole consignment, and Alexandra’s consignment!!

    1. Meg Chaney says:


  3. This is very exciting and the reason Amy Tipton sent me to your blog! Looking forward to keeping up with the list.

  4. Clara Veniard says: Reply

    Salumi in Pioneer Square is Women Owned!

    1. Thanks! I’ll add them immediately. I love that place.

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