eDating Fun – A New Series

I’ve found, shockingly, that dating at work might not be the best idea.  Now I’m not implying that office dating is an absolutely horrible idea, I’m just saying in general, there may be better ideas out there… So in search of a better idea, I took up eDating as a new hobby, and quickly discovered that all kinds of interesting and amusing things happen online and off. Now, in addition to the Chronicles of a Crazy Cat Lady, I’ll be maintaining this new series of eDating Fun in an attempt to catalog some of the awkward hilarity.

Why do people eDate?  Since I’ve begun this little endeavor, I’ve asked around among my friends to find out if they eDate and why. The reasons are varied. Some do it because they’re actively trying to meet someone to marry.  Others do it just to increase the chances of getting laid on a Saturday night.  And then there are people like me who aren’t entirely sure what they’re looking for, but still feel compelled to try it anyhow.  Imagine all these people with drastically different motives rummaging through profiles in hopes of finding a person who can fill whatever needs are as yet unsatisfied – that’s what we’re dealing with here.

The best analogy I have come up with for the whole experience is that shopping for men online is like shopping for shoes online.  Based on appearance and description, they may be exactly what you’re looking for, but you don’t really know if they’ll fit until they show up at your door and you get to try them on.  It’s always disappointing to discover what you thought were dream shoes actually pinch your toes and make your ankles look fat.  Play it safe and make it a numbers game: the more shoes you order, the more likely you’ll find at least ONE pair that works.

Now if I were smart, I’d heed my own analogy and realize that I have NEVER purchased a pair of shoes online that actually fit.  I’ve always ended up having to send them back.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) for my proliferations, I’m not smart, and will proceed with this experiment destined to fail, if only to meet interesting new people and gain a wealth of ridiculous stories to tell.

Disclaimer: Names will be changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.  If you’re someone I’m eDating and have come across this blog because you Googled, Facebooked, MySpaced, or Twittered me, you’ve hit the stalker’s jackpot. Enjoy.

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  1. Ellis Walker says: Reply

    Well played Meg, good first post, and I definitely love the analogy. Hope you are well (I actually kinda miss you, lol), and I’ll be checking your posts when you update. 🙂

  2. Sounds like an interesting fun adventure, just make sure to bring a can of mace will you k.

  3. yay! I love this. Can’t wait to read the next post 🙂 It’s like sex in the city — LA style.

  4. i have engaged in the “edate.” i think my best edate ever was the one where the other chick had googled me beforehand, and then angrily confronted me with what she found online. which i suppose would be ok, if she hadn’t gotten herself all worked up about the article in the JOKE EDITION OF MY COLLEGE NEWSPAPER. and how could this bastion of intelligence have known it was a joke? well, for starters, the article involved me interviewing keanu reaves about the matrix, which had just come out. that girl was great. i really should have married her, instead of slowing backing out of the bar and then running for the nearest bus.

    1. Hahahaha! That’s beautiful. I’m sorry to see you didn’t settle down with her. I wonder what I’ll do if someone I edate finds this blog and confronts me about it…

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