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Domestic Warrior: Fall Purging » Good Morning, Seattle!

Domestic Warrior: Fall Purging

Winter is coming.

And that means it’s time to prepare for spending more time inside the condo. Time to get rid of stuff!

I purge every fall, but I’m often left feeling unsatisfied. No matter how much I get rid of, it never feels like enough. This fall I’ve taken on a new strategy. Instead of dedicating one full day to getting rid of things, I’m doing it in smaller sections so that it doesn’t seem overwhelming and so that I can be more thorough. While I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist or achieve a capsule wardrobe, I do think this strategy has already helped me make more progress than years past.

Here are the sections I’ve broken out and my progress:

  1. Bookcase
  2. Shoes
  3. Bags
  4. Shirts
  5. Pants
  6. Dresses/Skirts
  7. Accessory clothing (scarves, bandanas, leggings, nylons)
  8. Jewelry
  9. Coats
  10. Sunglasses & glasses


Some of these were easy to tackle. For example, we knocked out the bookcase in a day.  We spent maybe a half hour in the morning getting rid of items we knew we’d never read again or use and setting tchotchkes aside for storage. I spent the rest of my home hours that day moving things around on the shelves and trying to achieve a visual balance. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out – I just really wish I had taken some “before” photos.

Purging pants is usually pretty easy – they sort of get rid of themselves. I just toss whichever are the most worn out.

Purses were also surprisingly easy to purge. I had so many wonderful bags that I still found aesthetically appealing, however they no longer fit my lifestyle. I walk and I dance, so I need to carry a bag large enough to for a pair of dance shoes and comfortable enough to tote for many miles. When I applied that lense, it became easy to purge; I cut my bag collection in half.


Shoes are harder. There’s always that one pair that goes perfectly with that one dress…so that if I get rid of the shoes, I’ll have nothing to wear with the dress. I suppose I could just make it easy on myself and get rid of both of them.  But what if there’s a cocktail party and I need a dress and shoes? I don’t want to have to get something new if I’m perfectly happy with what I already have… And? But? Gah. I’ve ended up getting rid of about ten pairs, but could probably stand to get rid of some more. Yep…shoes are hard to purge.

I was also surprised to discover that getting rid of sunglasses was super difficult. I attribute that to having lived in LA for 4 years – I could not leave the house without sunglasses. In fact, I still don’t leave the house without sunglasses. Even if it’s the dead of winter and the weather app says that I won’t see sun for the next two weeks, I have a pair in my purse and at the ready. Sunglasses are no joke.


Well, almost no joke.  It was pretty funny when I realized that I was still hoarding four pairs from when I worked at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports. Some were broken, some no longer fit my style, some I didn’t even remember owning. Kind of like a sad joke, really. I went from twelve pairs down to four. The blue pair are my daily go-to shades. Pink because…well, look at them. The black pair on the upper right because I feel like I should own at least one pair of black sunglasses. And the brown glasses upper left are very special: I bought those in Heidelberg four years ago from the Fossil store on the Hauptstrasse – it was the trip where CJ proposed.


Up next will be dresses and jewelry.  I always have a really difficult time with dresses…but I don’t think I have ever purged my jewelry.  I’ve got so much, but it’s so neatly contained in a beautiful chest that it’s easy to convince myself I don’t need to gut it.

But I must and I will!

Has anyone purged a jewelry collection? Any tips for me before I embark on that nightmare?

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  1. Have to recommend “The life-changing magic of tidying up” that has been all the rage lately. I loved it, and although Isaiah someone who purged regularly learned a lot about how to make it stick from the author.

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