Cats Let Themselves Go After Marriage

The Honeymoon is Over…

We’ve only been married three and a half years and the cats have officially let themselves go. I guess I should be grateful they kept it together for as long as they did before they stopped putting any effort into appearances or manners.  If they had shown CJ all of their dirty secrets earlier, he may never have married me at all!

Outrageous Behavior…

Min has become Rastafarian. She’s decided to stop grooming herself and has begun cultivating amazing dreadlocks. She rages out when I try to brush them…



Roxie is a drunkard. She raids the liquor locker and hangs upside-down…



Min is constantly stealing our phones and taking selfies. She’s a very vain cat.



Roxie is notorious for her lazy, sloth-like behavior. She sleeps on the sofa all day and does not contribute to the household in a meaningful way.



They horde shoes… Both Roxie and Min are guilty of this. I think they need an intervention.


Then add in the midnight plastic-chewing, screaming for no reason, leaving plastic mice all over the house…  They’ve really let themselves go and now CJ is seeing all the worst things about marrying the crazy cat lady.

Poor CJ…

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