Bluetooth Headphones Improve My Day


My morning walk might be the most important part of my day. It gets my body moving, I get to enjoy fresh air, pick up a cup of coffee, listen to music, and essentially meditate before my day begins. I require three very important things for my walk to achieve all my goals: a comfortable (and fabulous) pair of shoes, my Contigo coffee tumbler, and my headphones.

Historically, my only requirement for headphones was comfort – and that was only because I’d had a couple pairs of athletic headphones that awkwardly and painfully dug into the cartilage of my ear. Two years ago, I ordered Skullcandy Bombshell earbuds and I loved them. They were comfortable and the sound was great. And bonus: they came with a cute little coin purse to wind them up in so that my headphones never got tangled up in my bag again! They were wonderful.

Sadly, my Skullcandy Bombshell earbuds stopped working with my phone.  Initially, I was going to just reorder another pair because I had enjoyed the first pair so much, but CJ convinced me to consider looking at Bluetooth earbuds.

After a bit of research and culling through various review sites, I decided on these Acatim Bluetooth earbuds.

Delightful!  Much like my experience with upgrading e-readers, I was pleasantly surprised by the difference of the newer technology.


  • The instruction manual was actually helpful, which means pairing was incredibly easy!
  • The battery life lasts about four hours. For me, that equates to one evening in the kitchen or two days of going for my morning walk plus walking to work.
  • The neckband is short enough that it does not get tangled or knotted in my purse.
  • Here’s the big one: I’m no longer fighting with a the cable getting tangled around my wallet, scarf, wrist, etc.  I didn’t even realized how much time I spent untangling my headphones until I no longer had to deal with it. WIN!


  • I somehow managed to switch the headphone’s language to Chinese and I’m not entirely certain how to change it back. I also haven’t put any effort into figuring it out as I know how to pair and charge the headphones…so, whatever.
  • They’re a little bit bulkier than I’d like. What I really enjoyed about my Skullcandy Bombshell earbuds was the way they fit in my ear – like a very natural extension of me – I could very easily forget they were there. My Acatim Bluetooth earbuds feel much more…present. They are still comfortable, just not AS comfortable.

As you can see, the pros clearly out-weigh the cons. I’ll use these headphones until they die and when it comes time to order new, I’ll go the Bluetooth route again.  Now that I’ve experienced my morning walks untangled, there’s no going back.

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