Best Tokyo Day, Complete with Owl Cafe

Y’all may have gathered that CJ and I recently went to Tokyo and had a simply mah-velous time! While I loved every minute of our trip, Wednesday was definitely the most magical – and it all happened at Ginza.

Lunch at Jiro’s

That’s right. THE Jiro’s, as in Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It was an incredibly cool surprise from our friends. (I’ve mentioned foodiecow’s Instagram before. If you like food, you should follow her.)

The sushi and the experience did NOT disappoint! Jiro was not there, but his son was present, and he kept the operation running as smoothly as the movie lead me to believe. We had about a half hour at the bar, one magnificent piece of sushi after another. Then we were ushered to a different table to enjoy our musk melon dessert!

Jiro’s is pretty strict about no photos inside, however we were allowed to take pictures of the door.

(You can ignore that “no photography” sign. We clearly did…)

Dessert at A Happy Pancake

That’s right, dessert number 2!

The four of us met up with Anita and had mind-blowing soufflé pancakes. Feast your eyes on these!

They were all so delicious…and FLUFFY!

Owl Cafe

As much a I love my sweets, this was an even BIGGER treat! I got to snuggle owls…and I did.




Meet some of my new friends!

And here we are cuddling our new friends!

Can you see how ridiculously happy I am?

Also…this happened.

Owl Cafe was amazing!

Would I snuggle owls again, you ask?

Oh hell yes!

After all, they are the cats of the sky. <3


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